Overcoming Doubt and Lack of Support with Nichole Lauren

Nichole Lauren Photography podcast interview

Overcoming Doubt and Lack of Support with Nichole Lauren

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In this episode of the Take Your Shot podcast, Nicole Lauren shares her unique journey from practicing law to becoming a full-time wedding photographer and business coach. Nicole discusses the challenges of navigating a career path that many might not understand, especially the doubts from family and friends regarding her unconventional decision. Throughout the conversation, she offers insights on overcoming self-limiting beliefs, the importance of betting on oneself, and how she balanced her dual roles as a lawyer and photographer. Nicole also highlights her approach to business, including her work with small business owners and her initiative, Legally Creative. Her story is not just about career change but also about finding fulfillment and success by following one’s passion, despite the skepticism of others.

About Nichole Lauren

Nichole Lauren is a photographer, attorney, and business coach. She loves serving light & airy loving couples in South Carolina and beyond. She empowers creative entrepreneurs with consulting services, coaching, workshops and styled shoots, educational courses, and business resources. Founder of Legally Creative™, The Styled Event, and Self-Starter Podcast.

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How to Navigate the challenges of transitioning careers and overcoming doubt and lack of support:

Embrace Your Unique Path: Recognize that your career journey doesn’t need to make sense to everyone. Each step you take, whether it’s acquiring new skills or exploring different industries, adds value and can lead to unexpected opportunities. Embrace the complexity of your path as part of your unique story.

Confronting Doubts and Skepticism: It’s common for friends and family to express concerns about unconventional career choices, often highlighting risks like financial insecurity or job instability. While these concerns come from a place of care, it’s important to trust your understanding of your own goals and capabilities. Acknowledge their concerns, but rely on your research and conviction to guide your decisions.

Challenge Self-Limiting Beliefs: Self-doubt can be a major hurdle. Reflect on the beliefs holding you back—are they truly your own, or influenced by societal expectations and external opinions? Confront these beliefs by setting small, achievable goals that reinforce your confidence and demonstrate the viability of your new path.

Building a Support Network: Surround yourself with people who understand and support your entrepreneurial spirit. This might mean reaching out to like-minded individuals in networking groups, online communities, or within the industry you’re entering. Their journey and encouragement can provide motivation and practical advice that’s invaluable when making a significant career change.

Preparing for the Transition: Financial planning is crucial when shifting to a potentially unstable or unfamiliar career path. Build a safety net, such as saving six months’ worth of expenses, and research the financial aspects thoroughly. If possible, start your new venture as a side project to test its viability before committing fully.

Invest in Yourself: Continuous learning and professional development are key. Whether it’s through formal education, workshops, or self-study, enhancing your skills will not only improve your competence but also your confidence in your new role.

By applying these strategies, you can better manage the challenges of a career transition, ensuring that you’re prepared both mentally and financially to pursue your passion fully. Just like Nicole, leveraging your unique background and experiences can lead to a fulfilling and successful new career.

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