The Power of Behind the Scenes Content

The Power of Behind the Scenes Content

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In this episode of the “Take Your Shot Podcast,” Quianna Marie, give us all the tips on how to take what you’re already doing and turn into a strategic content strategy that builds your personal, living brand. She does this through strategically capturing behind the scenes content, and in this episode she tells you exactly how you can do this too.

Quianna is a seasoned professional in the photography industry, with over 15 years of experience specializing in wedding photography. As an internationally published and award-winning photographer, Quianna has mastered the art of storytelling through her lens, offering not just photos, but experiences that resonate with her clients through a living brand. Transitioning to a content coach, she leverages her extensive background to empower photographers and business owners, guiding them in creating impactful, authentic content that elevates their brand and connects with audiences. From listening to this episode you will walk away with a strategy on how to apply this to your own business in a way that is actionable and sustainable.

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Ideas for content creation using what you’re already doing

This guide offers detailed, actionable steps to capture and share the full spectrum of your work, from initial consultations to post-wedding delivery.

Behind the Scenes Content for Before the Wedding

  • Client Consultations and Preparations: Document your preparation process for client meetings and wedding day planning. Create time-lapses of your workspace setup, showcase the tools and materials you use, and provide insights into how you organize for an upcoming event. This transparency helps clients understand the effort and professionalism you bring to your work.
  • Engagement Shoots: Behind-the-scenes content from engagement sessions can be particularly engaging. Capture the planning phase, interactions with the couple, and the selection process for locations and themes. This not only shows your photographic style but also how you collaborate with clients to bring their vision to life.
  • Educational Content: Position yourself as an expert by sharing tips and advice related to wedding photography. This could be in the form of blog posts, short videos, or infographics covering topics like choosing the right wedding attire for photos, the best times for shoots, or quick photography tips for couples.

Content to get behind the scenes for During the Wedding

  • Morning Preparations: The wedding day starts long before the ceremony. Share content that shows early preparations, such as choosing the right gear, arriving at the venue, and setting up. Highlight the team effort involved and the detailed work that goes into preparing for the day.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Action: Document the dynamic aspects of the wedding day, including how you capture key moments, interact with guests, and work with other vendors. This not only adds a layer of authenticity to your content but also shows prospective clients the comprehensive service you provide.
  • Vendor Collaboration: Showcase your interactions with other service providers, like decorators, caterers, and musicians. This not only helps build relationships with these vendors for future referrals but also gives clients a peek into the collaborative nature of wedding events.

Behind the Scenes content for After the Wedding

  • Post-Production Insights: Provide a look into your selection and editing process. Sharing before-and-after images or snippets of your editing workflow can demystify the post-production process and highlight the value you add through your expertise.
  • Final Deliverables: Feature the final delivery of your work, whether it’s through digital galleries, physical prints, or albums. Unboxing videos or photo presentations of the finished products can underscore the tangible value of your services.
  • Client Reactions: Sharing client testimonials or reactions, especially when they first view their photos, can be powerful. With consent, post these moments to show the impact of your work on clients’ lives.

Behind the Scenes Content Shot List Ideas

To ensure you capture a wide range of content, consider the following shot list ideas segmented into different phases of the wedding process:

  1. Pre-Wedding:
    • Setting up for a client consultation
    • Preparing and packing your photography gear
    • Scouting and selecting locations for shoots
  2. During the Wedding:
    • Arrival and setup at the venue
    • Candid moments of the wedding party and guests
    • Collaborations and interactions with other vendors
  3. Post-Wedding:
    • Selecting images and editing process
    • Packaging and preparing deliverables for clients
    • Gathering and recording client feedback

Implementing the Strategy

  • Create a Content Calendar: Plan your content in advance, aligning with the wedding seasons and your business cycle. This helps in maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence.
  • Delegate Content Creation Tasks: If managing both photography and content creation is challenging, assign specific content tasks to team members or hire a dedicated content creator. This allows you to focus on your primary work while ensuring rich content generation.
  • Leverage Tools for Efficiency: Use content management tools and apps to streamline the process, from scheduling posts to editing videos. Efficient use of technology can save time and enhance the quality of your content.

It’s time to take your shot

By following these steps, wedding photographers can build a sustainable and long-living content creation strategy that showcases their expertise, highlights their unique approach to wedding photography, and helps attract and engage their ideal clients.

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