Episode 13 – Profitable Portrait Strategy with Jennine Coosaia

Episode 13 – Profitable Portrait Strategy with Jennine Coosaia

Special Guest: Jennine Coosaia

In this episode I interview Jennine Coosaia, a well-established portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this interview, she shares her top tips about how to increase your profits with portrait photography – without having to do in-person sales. She has a very simplified, easy-to-follow process that allows her to serve her clients well while also not under-valuing her art.

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About Jennine Coosaia

Jennine Coosaia is a skilled portrait photographer who made a significant career shift from medical sales to follow her passion for photography. She firmly believes that photography is both an art and a craft, encompassing skills like lighting, posing, and post-processing while prioritizing an excellent customer experience.

In 2010, Jennine left her successful medical sales career and moved from Chicago to Ventura, California, where she attended photography school. After completing her formal photography education, Jennine gained valuable experience by working closely with a top wedding and portrait photographer and serving as a retoucher in her studio. Following this, she launched her own photography business, specializing in capturing precious moments during maternity, a baby’s first year, and family milestones.

Jennine now mentors and coaches portrait photographers and has an online coaching program teaching photographers how to consistently book profitable four-figure sessions. her systems and strategies are simple, easy-to-follow, and highly strategic.

Beyond her photography work, Jennine has made a positive impact by raising over $7,000 for various charitable causes over the past two years. She’s also earned recognition from premium brands such as Janie & Jack, Monica + Andy, Elestory, Crate & Barrel, and CB2. Jennine’s dedication to her craft and her contributions to both the photography industry and charitable endeavors are truly commendable.

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