How to Run an Aligned Business with Breeanna Kay

How to Run an Aligned Business with Breeanna Kay


Are you struggling to balance your personal life with your business goals? In this episode, we dive deep into running an aligned business with Breeanna Kay, a wedding photographer, videographer, and host of the Rebel CEO podcast. Breeanna shares her insights on ensuring your business reflects your personal values and goals, providing a comprehensive guide to maintaining alignment in your professional and personal life.

Breeanna begins by explaining that running an aligned business means ensuring that your business upholds the same values and priorities as you do personally. This involves continuous adjustments to keep your business and personal life in harmony. She emphasizes that alignment is an ongoing process, not a one-time achievement.

Recognizing Misalignment

Identifying misalignment can be challenging. Breeanna outlines several signs to watch for, such as a lack of enjoyment in your work, feeling constantly drained, and dreading commitments. These signs suggest that your business activities might not be in alignment with your personal values and goals. It’s also important to ensure that your business supports your long-term personal goals. If not, it’s time to make some changes.

Making Small Shifts

Aligning your business doesn’t always require major changes. Breeanna suggests that small adjustments can make a significant impact. This can include revising your business packages to better fit your lifestyle and values, proactively planning your time to ensure a balance between work and personal life, and recognizing that different seasons of your business may require different levels of effort and adjusting accordingly.

Prioritizing and Planning

Effective time management is crucial for maintaining alignment. Breeanna shares her strategy for proactive scheduling, which includes planning all aspects of your business, including behind-the-scenes tasks like editing and responding to emails. This helps prevent long hours and maintain balance. She also introduces the concept of a “Think Week,” a dedicated time to disconnect and focus on strategic planning, setting clear, actionable goals, and ensuring your business direction aligns with your personal values.

Embrace Creativity

To avoid burnout, Breeanna encourages setting aside time for creative projects that excite you. Dedicate time to work on projects that reignite your passion and remind you why you started your business. While client work is essential, integrating personal creative projects helps maintain your enthusiasm and prevents burnout.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Breeanna highlights the importance of strategic planning by breaking down large goals into smaller, manageable steps with specific deadlines. Determining what’s most important in your business and personal life and making those your priority can significantly impact your alignment and success.

Efficient Systems and Workflows

Implementing efficient systems can significantly free up your time. Optimizing your workflows to be more efficient allows you to spend more time on what truly matters in your life and business. Efficient systems help balance work and personal life, ensuring that you can focus on both without feeling overwhelmed.

About Breeanna Kay

Breeanna is a Midwest-based elopement photographer, videographer, and host of the Rebel CEO podcast. Her mission is to help others do more of what they love, whether that’s helping couples get married in a way that is true to who they are or helping students build and run businesses that fuel their souls and give them the freedom to enjoy their personal lives.

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