Episode 1 – How I got Here

Episode 1 – How I got Here

take your shot podcast - how I got here

My husband, Luke, and I started our photography business back in 2016. We were fresh out of college, in a ton of debt from going to a private christian university, and photography was the perfect side hustle for us in that time. Our first engagement session was for some friends of ours and they paid us by taking us out for frozen yogurt at the end of the session. It’s wild to think of just how much our business would grow over the years. Our business grew very organically. Through word of mouth and social media, people began to know us and over the span of a few years, we had build a brand that people would come to know like and trust.

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In this episode of the Take Your Shot Podcast, I talk about my journey of how I went from picking up my first camera to going full-time as a wedding photographer. What started as a side hustle with my boyfriend straight out of college, grew into a thriving husband and wife photography and videography business. It wasn’t my plan to go full-time as a wedding photographer. I was actively pursuing a different career, but God had different plans. Listen to the full episode here!

About the Take Your Shot Collective:

As someone who knows what it’s like to struggle through turning your creative side hustle into a thriving business, I am here to help provide wedding photographers and videographers the tools and resources they need to grow and scale their business. It’s not easy, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

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