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Elevate your brand with this unique combination of coaching and photography. We'll rent a studio where you'll receive tailored business coaching, followed by a professional photoshoot with me. Not only will you gain invaluable insights to grow your business, but you'll also walk away with brand photos to elevate your online presence.

In person coaching with brand photo experience


Experience hands-on guidance in a face-to-face setting. These sessions are perfect for those who value personal interaction, offering a more immersive and collaborative coaching experience.

1:1 In person coaching


Dive deep into the business side of photography from the comfort of your home. These online sessions are designed to provide you with actionable strategies, personalized advice, and the tools you need to thrive and hit your business goals.

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Hey there, Hal here! When I went to grad school to get my MBA, I had no idea that I would end up here -  working full time as a wedding photographer serving dream clients, making six figures, and getting paid to travel all over the world while creating work that I'm so dang proud of. 

I started offering coaching because I've noticed that there's a gap here in the wedding industry. There are SO MANY talented and creative wedding photographers, but when it comes to running a sustainable and profitable business, they are overwhelmed and burning out.  

I founded Take Your Shot Collective with the goal to empower and equip you in your business. I want to  see you succeed! 

So, whether you tune into to my weekly podcast, hire me as your coach or invest in my programs, I am here for you!

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Due to capacity, I only take on a select number of coaching students at a time.
 I really want to ensure we are a good fit! So, apply below and I'll be in touch with you soon!

How can I help you
scale your business?

Website Strategy and SEO:  full website audit and strategy plan, content and copy audit, SEO and optimization strategy

Marketing & Promotion: effective social media strategy, effective tools and content batching, etc...

Workflow and automations in your business - set up email templates, workflows, and make your life easier with systems in place

Branding: crafting your unique brand voice, positioning in the market, attracting your ideal clients

Business strategy and planning: setting clear business goals, creating a business plan, long term vision and milestones

Pricing and profit strategy: how to price yourself and how to communicate value to book higher end weddings

Booking more clients and filling your calendar with dream weddings 

When hiring me for a coaching session, I am an open book, and you can ask me anyting!

Here are some of the areas I'm an expert in:

Client experience: workflows, communication, touch points, and setting your business up for consistent 5-star-reviews

HEidi S.

I highly recommend working with Halle. For me, it was the hardest thing to actually find someone I truly TRUST investing in. There are so many coaching services out there that are put together by photographers who only want to make a quick buck. Halle is someone you can truly trust! She is an open book and really wants to help you succeed! She has a ton of knowledge and experience that she’s passionate about sharing. I love that I’m able to ask her any questions and she’s totally honest, upfront and super resourceful! Love working with Halle- she’s not only someone I see as a mentor- but she’s now a great friend!

Nicole B.

The resources and strategies that Halle has shared with me has already helped me SO much! I've been following her and her husband for years and when she opened up her coaching I was so excited to finally connect and learn from her on a personal level! Also LOVE the podcast!

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